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Testing Carpets for Residue after Cleaning

09/16/2013 Back To Blog

Even where you have undertaken a DIY approach, it is important that you test the Persian rugs or carpets that you have cleaned in order to ensure that there is no resident. There are different types of residue and home owners in Redondo Beach are at pains to ensure that they do not make the carpet dirtier. The ideal solution is if you can clean the carpet without actually leaving residue behind. The cleaning solutions commonly used in CA include a rinse of some sort and therefore care is of the essence.Testing Carpets for Residue after Cleaning

How to find the right balance in the carpet cleaning rinse

There are some home owners who have decided not to use any rinse at all. That is not an entirely bad strategy especially if you have advice from your sofa cleaning services provider. You can have many cleaning and rinsing products tested to find out the ones that create the least risk of re-soiling. Try to do this in a well hidden area so that you are not left with another job of trying to get rid of the stuff if it has not worked out well. Alternatively you can put the rinsing agent on a glass plate and test the sample after it has dried.

Identifying the warning signs of an inappropriate rinse

If you have been able to get a sample on a plate, you can then test it with your finger. The rinses that turn powdery and flaky are fine. Those that are sticky are likely to reflect the same patterns when they are used on the carpet. Research has shown that many of the encapsulation rinsing products on the market today have high acidity. This PH scale is great for the vast majority of carpet cleaning projects but there could be some exceptions that you need to consider.

The importance of using the PH test when required to do so

After you have cleaned the carpet you can use a PH testing kit that will tell you whether you have got the right balance between the alkaline and acidic elements of the mixture. Make sure that the testing goes right down to the fiber instead of merely concentrating on the solution. The litmus paper can be placed on the carpet in order to give you the results that you are looking for.

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