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Explore the FAQ page on carpet cleaning and maintenance and unravel the useful information for your reference.

Which handmade rugs are the best?

Oriental rugs are not considered the best by accident. The countries in the east have a long tradition in handmade rugs and, hence, you must make sure of the origins. Prefer rugs made in Turkey and Iran. It is not circumstantial that the best ones are called Persian rugs. The best flokati rugs are made in Greece and they need special treatment, too. Flokati rug cleaning requires hand washing since they are completely made by sheep wool.

Which handmade rug materials are better?

All oriental rugs are extraordinary and it would basically depend on personal taste or which colors and motifs match better your style at home or office. When it comes to rug cleaning methods, silk rugs are usually more demanding because silk threads are more sensitive. You need to clean them with a brush gently according to experts of Carpet Cleaning Redondo Beach. Wool rugs are ideal because they do not absorb stains and water right away.

How are carpet cleaning methods different?

Every single cleaning method is made to produce results. However, the difference in the methods usually lies in the use of different materials. For instance, some methods make more use of water, while others need different tools. Having the right amount of training to use these methods is very important.

Why office carpets need cleaning often?

Carpet Cleaning Redondo Beach gives two main reasons. First of all, they are stepped by people much more often and no one gives attention if some coffee is spilled. We are not as careful as when we are at home. Second, dirt carpets will affect the productivity of employees. Dirty rug cleaning will protect everyone from allergies.

Can solvents harm my carpet?

Strong solvents can cause early wearing out of the material of the carpet, especially if you use industrial products that are not meant to be used for carpets. The general rule is to use solvents and cleaners only for areas they are intended to be used. Avoid mixing them up and avoid using bathroom solvents for carpet cleaning.

What is the immediate treatment for liquid spots on upholstery?

You should use cloth dampened in warm water to blot the liquid. The cloth must not be soaked. The less water you use the better. Work your way from the outside in to avoid spreading the liquid. You must not scrub the stain as this will make the liquid penetrate deeper into the fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Redondo Beach

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